Semi-automatic guillotine needle for soft tissue biopsy with 10mm or 20mm collection area

SPEEDYBELL DOPPIA CORSA is a semi-automatic guillotine needle for soft tissue biopsy.


  • The distinctive feature of this needle is the possibility of choosing between a 10mm or 20mm sample cavity.
  • The echogenic marker on the end of the cannula allows constant monitoring of the needle position during biopsy.
  • The centimetre depth markings on the cannula let users control of the depth reached.
  • The ring handle of the device allows it to be gripped and held easily during the biopsy procedure.
  • The SPEEDYBELL DOPPIA CORSA needle can be equipped with a coaxial needle (Introducer) to the device, recommended in biopsies with multiple samples (egg. mammary biopsies).



  1. Load the needle by pulling the rear knob. The needle is loaded when the locking click of the spring is heard. The first click indicates a 10mm sampling area, the second click indicates a 20mm sampling area.
  2. Insert the loaded needle into the selected biopsy point, being careful not to press the rear knob.
  3. When the needle is in the selected biopsy point, press and advance the rear knob manually until the final click is heard to collect the sample to be analysed.
  4. Gently extract the needle from the tissue. To recover the material, repeat the loading operation by pulling the rear knob until the locking click of the spring is heard. Push the knob slowly until the sampling area is uncovered then collect the sample to be analysed.