Precurved Embryo Transfer Catheter with BULB TIP

REPROCATH PLUS™ and REPROCATH catheters allow to place in vitro fertilized (IVF) embryos into the uterine cavity. The wider hub allows an easy and atraumatic insertion of E.T. Catheter, improving implantation success.



  • Soft, flexible transfer catheter reduces endometrial trauma
  • Direction indicator for better insertion
  • Two different types of tip available: Straight or Bulb.
  • Depth limiter
  • Marker to aid proper placement
  • The echogenic tip improves visibility

Different measures are available upon request


01.   Marker
02.   Depth limiter
03.   Wider hub for better insertion of E.T. Catheter, with direction indicator
01.   Echogenic tip improves visibility
02.   Soft, flexible transfer catheter reduces endometrial trauma
03.   Marker
  • Precurved catheter with BULB TIP

  • Precurved guiding catheter facilitates insertion

  • Atraumatic bulb tip eases passage through cervix

Rigid Obturator for E.T. catheter