Osteoplasty kit is a minimally invasive system for the reduction of fractures and bone height restoration, reducing related pain. The procedure is intended to be used for tibial plateau, calcaneus and distal radius injuries.


  • Totally minimally invasive solution
  • Useful for bone height restoration
  • Suitable for:
    – Schatzker type II fractures with plating techniques
    – Schatzker type III fractures without plating techniques
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Ready-to-use bone substitute, no preparation needed
  • Hardening in wet environment only: no time pressure during application
  • Truly biologic: composed by a micro-crystalline, calcium deficient hydroxyapatite – major bone constituent
  • High load sharing properties (up to 45 MPa)
  • Radio-opaque paste: clearly visible under fluoroscopy and X-rays
  • Fast recovery after treatment
  • Bioresorbable during bone remodeling


Working cannula with Trocar tip stylet




Bone filler


Balloon Catheteravailable sizes 10mm – 15 mm – 20 mm

Biological Cement

  • truly biological
  • ready-to-use: “tooth paste” consistence
  • no time pressure: “infinite” working time
  • hardening in wet environment only
  • radio-opaque
  • bioresorbable

Digital inflation device


1. Identify the best surgical trajectory
2. MIS access to the entry point through cannula and trocar stylet under fluoroscopic guidance
3. Remove the stylet from the cannula and insert the drill under the depressed area of bone
4. After removing the drill insert and inflate the inflatable balloon catheter through the cannula centered to the area of depressed fragments
5. Once the injury has been adequately reduced, deflate and remove the catheter balloon from the cannula
6. Fill the cavity created with bone substitute until the void is completely filled under fluoroscopic guidance
7. Plating may be performed before or after the filling of bone substitute