Anti-dislocation bone marrow biopsy needle

The FULLY REMOVE needle allows users to perform bone marrow biopsies on the iliac crest. With this particular system, called “FULLY”, it is possible to avoid the dislocation manoeuvre when the sample is being withdrawn.


  • The “Trocar” tip stylet guarantees fast and non-traumatic penetration.
  • The ergonomic handle improves grip and the precision of the biopsy operation.
  • With the universal Luer-Lock connector, any syringe can be connected.
  • The ultra-sharp crown tip of the cannula facilitates the removal of an intact bone marrow fragment.


  1. Insert the needle, with a stylet, perpendicular to the bone surface. Progress forward by rotating the needle to the right and left. When the resistance decreases, the medullary cavity has been entered.
  2. Remove the stylet and advance into the medullary cavity for about 2 cm.
  3. Insert the FULLY cannula and rotate the entire device 360° twice, cutting a fragment of bone marrow tissue from the distal part, without damaging it and avoiding its dislocation.
  4. Extract the entire cannula needle FULLY – stylet system from the patient.
  5. Remove the FULLY stylet from the cannula. To deposit the sample on the microscope slide, insert the finger protection device and the extractor in the opposite side from the needle handle.