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ESTER is a fully automatic, single-use device particularly suitable for prostate, liver, kidney and breast biopsies.

ESTER stands out for its particular patented technical features.

The characteristics that mark ESTER are:

1. Only one button to load the cannula and the stylet.

This system allows the physician to use the device with only one hand for greater practicality and convenience leaving the other hand free to use the ultrasound scanner.

2. Two shooting buttons to choose from, one on the side and one on the rear, whichever the physician finds more comfortable.

3. The physician is given the choice of two alternative shooting options:

3.1 Automatic selectable: lightly pressing the shooting button to move only the stylet forward thus exposing the sampling cavity outside the cannula and then fully pressing it down to let the cannula move forward.

In this way, shooting is done with two distinct actions and the time between one and the next can be decided by the physician.

3.2 Automatic: fully pressing down the shooting button to simultaneously move the stylet and the cannula forward.

In this way, shooting is done with one single action, but the stylet and the cannula move forward at slightly staggered times.

ESTER can be equipped with a coaxial needle (introducer); this option is recommended for biopsies where multiple samples are taken (e.g. breast biopsies).

ESTER 13: It is a kit composed of an automatic biopsy needle ESTER and needle for anesthesia. The kit is customized, the operator can choose diameter and length of the needle for anesthesia to combine with the chosen ESTER needle.

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