Kyphoplasty system:

Benefits using a 11G Direct System:

  • Reduced profile of cannula and balloon in comparison with CLASSIC version
  • No instrument change: direct percutaneous access to the bone and creation of the channel
  • Reducing procedure time (-15 minutes)
  • Less invasive less pain
  • Total treatment:
    Small vertebral body

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RenovaSpine is a minimally invasive system to stabilize the fracture, restore vertebral body and reduce back pain.

A vertebral compression fracture (VCF) occurs when the vertebral body fractures and collapses due to ostheoporosis (bones break easily) or tumours (ex. myeloma).

With our specific instrument the specialist enters and creates a cavity into the fractured vertebra.

Next the balloon is inserted and inflated into the cavity in order to restore the normal vertebral body position.

Consequently the balloon is deflated and the cavity (created from the balloon) is filled with cement.

In this way the vertebral body is stabilized in its normal and correct position.

Traditional benefits are:

  1. Reduction in the back pain
  2. Improvement in mobility
  3. Improvement in daily physical activity