KINDER DL – Double Lumen


Double lumen set for oocytes aspiration with line for lavaging

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KINDER DL is a set with two separate ways for taking oocyte samples and lavaging with physiological salt solution (saline) intended for “in vitro” insemination by means “IVF” tecnique.

The device is used for the “ OOCYTE PICK-UP” through ultrasound-guided transvaginal up to reach ovarian follicle with the needle tip’s to aspirate the “liquor folliculi” (follicular fluid) containing the oocytes.

Main points of the needle are:

  • Special sharpening tip which allows an atraumatic penetration of ovarian follicle
  • High visibility under ultrasound guide for continuous ultrasound monitoring
  • Particular thickness of the wall of the cannula to prevent flexing of the needle to allow fluid aspiration and without turbulence
  • TESTED FOR M.E.A. (Mouse Embryo Assay)