Medical devices for three generations

The Bellini family has been operating in the biomedical sector for three generations, for over 45 years.
The founder, Carlo Bellini, started the business in 1968 and has passed down to his heirs ethics, integrity and spirit of sacrifice. Today, Biopsybell continues to manufacture all its components and devices within the company, with sales made through our collaborators-salespersons in Italy and the rest of the world.

Biopsybell's philosophy is to grow alongside the needs of patients, doctors and hospital staff in general.

Biopsybell was founded in 1999 by partners boasting thirty year's experience in the biomedical sector. The corporate purpose in the design, production and marketing of healthcare products for medical use and medical-surgery devices, in particular in the biopsy and reanimation fields. Strong in the experience gained by the specialised technical staff working in-house and thanks to the new technologies adopted, Biopsybell has managed to quickly establish itself on the national and international market.

Biopsybell operates with state-of-the-art production machinery and equipment and the entire production process is carried out in-house (from design to final packaging).

Biopsybell provides painstaking service to its clientele and its primary aim is product quality. The rigorous tests carried out for this purpose, from the raw materials to the equipment and the finished product, have allowed the company to obtain CE, ISO 13485 and the establishment registration by FDA.

Biopsybell conducts constant research and avails itself of scientific consultancy of influential physicians in the reference pathologies with an aim to ever better qualifying and improving its production standards and aiding the development of new products.