“Trocar-Tip” needle for bone-marrow biopsy

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The Osteobell “T” “Trocar-tip” needle was designed for bone-marrow biopsy on the iliac crest and is fitted with a safe and effective anchoring system which prevents the risk of twisting the cannula during insertion. The ergonomic grip improves hold, increasing the accuracy and speed of the biopsy operation. The Luer-Lock connection on the grip allows the connection with all the syringes on the market.The trocar-tip of the stylet allows rapid and little invasive penetration, while the ultrasharp profile of the cannula facilitates detachment and drawing of an intact bone-marrow fragment.

The Osteobell “T” set includes:

- a dedicated extractor which, inserted in the cannula, allows rapid expulsion of the sample to be analysed;

- a special guide which makes sample extraction safe, protecting the operator’s hands from injury;

- a protection cap.